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NXNE Review: Dilly Dally

24 June 2015 / by Lauren Malyk (author)
Dilly Dally at Yonge-Dundas Square (photo: Lauren Malyk)
Dilly Dally at Yonge-Dundas Square / (photo: Lauren Malyk)

Dilly Dally is a Toronto band that screeches a lot. In 2014, the band self-released the single "Next Gold" which got the attention of Pitchfork. Their music has also been described as soft grunge.

Katie Monks is the perfect front for the band. She’s not afraid to wear what she wants and say what she wants. She’s relaxed like a worn in pair of jeans. And with her pink hair and roots showing, she gave the band an overall punk-rock vibe. 

Her voice was unique, almost like a child screeching. When she did speak to the audience her tone and attitude shifted to be more laid back. Even with someone in the crowd yelling at her, she rolled with it and cracked some hilarious jokes. 

Most of the set was fast paced and highlighted Ben Reinhartz's sharp drumming. The guitar tones complimented one another and were distinct in the mix. When they did slow it down, some of the songs seemed drawn out. Dilly Dally was pretty special.


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