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NXNE Review: Allie

18 June 2015 / by Lauren Malyk (author)
Allie performs at Adelaide Hall as part of NXNE (photo: Lauren Malyk)
Allie performs at Adelaide Hall as part of NXNE / (photo: Lauren Malyk)

Can we talk about Allie?

In case you missed it, I talked a bit about why I was so hyped to see her perform in my NXNE Preview.

Allie is a Toronto R&B singer-songwriter, who’s inspired by the 6. She draws her inspiration from Otis Redding and new age electronic music.

I had the opportunity to catch her perform at Adelaide Hall for the RedBull Sound Select. I wanted to see her perform because I’d heard a bit of her music before and it’s evident that she’s musically gifted.

When she stepped out on the stage and she immediately was the center of attention. Photographers flashing their cameras and grabbing onto the stage to try to be near her. Heads started to bob more as her set started.

Allie’s music has a mellow flow; it’s relaxing and soulful. It washes over you. To me it was a bit reminiscent of the Weeknd’s mellowness, but it a bit more upbeat. At times it even has an empowering feel, depending on the song, of course.

You can definitely hear her drawing inspiration from classical crooners like Redding in the hook of her songs. But she mixes it up a bit by adding in some unexpected rap. It’s the perfect homage to old and new.

As for her rapping skills, in person I was pretty impressed. She kept with the beat and overall her rhymes complemented her songs.

In conclusion—she’s definitely a Toronotian to watch.


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