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NXNE Preview: Jonathan's Top 5 Playlist

17 June 2015 / by Jonathan Rodil (author)
Clairmont The Second - Gold Link at Tattoo. May 2nd 2015 (photo: The Come Up Show (
Clairmont The Second - Gold Link at Tattoo. May 2nd 2015 / (photo: The Come Up Show (

Jonathan is relatively new here at CJRU | The Scope. His volunteer contributions consist of several album reviews for the weekly Scope newsletter. In writing reviews, he has dug deeper into the quality Canadian content that exists outside of Drake, coming across music from artists like The Soul Motivators, Dark Glasses and Towanda, to name a few. He enjoys a good rap tune. One of his go-tos on the piano is the loop on Big Pun’s “Still Not A Player”. For new hip-hop sounds, he likens LiveMixtapes to DatPiff – although that may not be contrarian at all.


Un Blonde

There’s a sense boundarylessness when it comes to Un Blonde’s music. It’s definitely not conventional in its R&B and pop stylings. His most recent release “Water The Next Day” ventures into this territory which makes for an engaging listen, although they require open ears. It’s sure to be an intriguing performance. He’ll have a double feature this week: Friday, June 19 at Smiling Buddha – 2:30AM and Saturday, June 20 at The Garrison – 4PM.


Prince Innocence

Toronto’s very own Prince Innocence makes quality electronic pop music. It’s guaranteed to stir up movement. Even something as simple as a head-nod or little two-step is fine, the music is a pure delight. They have an EP releasing sometime soon, titled Easy Life. You can catch them Wednesday, June 17 at the Drake Hotel Underground – 10PM.


Clairmont The Second

Clairmont The Second isn’t one to lack passion in music. A precocious talent, he raps and produces on all of his material in an assured, effervescent manner. His performance is one to check out in witnessing the ascent of a gifted, young artist. He has a performance on Friday, June 19 at M for 159 Manning (159 Manning Ave, to be exact) – 6PM, on the Backyard Stage. 


Mick Futures

Mick Futures has an album coming out June 16 titled Banned From The Future via Telephone Explosion and it’s something to keep an eye on. Manic energy, jagged compositions, and feverish vocals concocted all in a single serving makes for a compelling listen. Their performance would appear to be an unbridled one, in gleeful burst of energy. Check him out Thursday, June 18 at The Garrison – 7PM.



Cerebral post-punk that takes the cold scenic route. Dark and calculated synths all over. Programm’s Like the Sun EP was released top of the year and it’s something to catch up on, if you haven’t already. For an atmospheric, visceral performance, this is one to see. They’ll be playing twice this week: Wednesday, June 17 at Lee’s Palace – 10PM and Saturday, June 20 at Adelaide Hall – 10PM. 


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