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NXNE Preview: Lauren's Top 5 Playlist

17 June 2015 / by Lauren Malyk (author)
Best Coast  (photo: Windish Agency)
Best Coast / (photo: Windish Agency)

Hello there. I’m Lauren Malyk a journalism student going into my third year of study at Ryerson. In my spare time I watch a lot of films and report on parliamentarians at Queen’s Park. I’ve previously done profiles for Musicians@Ryerson's Artist Spotlight. As for the kind of music I’m into, I enjoy some J. D. McPherson, The Weeknd, Babe Youth, Childish Gambino and some Frank Sinatra. Follow me on Twitter @lmalyk.


Best Coast

An indie pop commercial success, Best Coast recently released their fourth album, California Nights early last month. Their music has also been featured in film and tv like the 2014 film, Walk of Shame, featuring Elizabeth Banks. I’m excited to see if their success lives up to seeing them in person.


The New Pornographers

Featured as headliner's of this year's festival, The New Pornographers have been an established name in Canadian indie rock for the past 15 years. In 2009 Rolling Stone  ranked the band’s second album, No. 79 on the magazine’s list of 100 Best Albums of the Decade.



Allie is a Toronto native, who’s music is influenced by her hometown. I’m excited to see her show as she cites Etta James and future beats as inspiration. Also on Complex Canada's list of the Toronto R & B artists you should know next, Allie was listed as number one.

Jr. Mintz

Toronto's Noah Mintz has worked with premium Canadian acts such as Broken Social Scene. Noah Mintz is one of the most eclectic sounding artists in this year's NXNE line up. I’m interested in hearing his music to see if he has been influenced by the Canadian bands he works with.



They are a re-return to the post-punk and hardcore movements within the punk movement, which I personally consider one of the most versatile sub-genres that seem to all but died out since the mid-2000s. In addition to this all three of their albums have received nominations for the European Independent Album of the Year Award. 


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  1. MusicEnthusiast (Anonymous)

    Best Coast and the new pornographers sound like really cool bands I really enjoyed your playlist! defiantly have some new songs playing on my phone on repeat!

    3 years ago

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