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CMW Review: Midday Swim, Ivory Hours, Scenic Route to Alaska, The Love Junkies

11 May 2015 / by Alexia Kapralos (author)
Scenic Route to Alaska CMW day show (photo: Alexia Kapralos)
Scenic Route to Alaska CMW day show / (photo: Alexia Kapralos)
Thank goodness the weather forecast was wrong; the day was all sunshine and warmth rather than thunderstorms on May 9, 2015 during the Bovine Sex Club's CMW patio show featuring The Love Junkies, Scenic Route to Alaska, Ivory Hours and Midday Swim. The tiki theme of the patio made for a playful vibe and the free hot dogs for all guests was a treat too.
The Love Junkies began their set early in the day just after noon, playing to a tiny crowd of about 10. Perhaps this is because many music fans were still sound asleep with many bands playing as late as 3 a.m. the previous night. But those people missed out because this grunge/garage rock three-piece rocked hard, even in the heat and direct sunlight. The guitars were super loud and distorted, which the band members even commented on saying "it's loud like a megaphone." Humour aside, this band's sound strongly resembles that of Nirvana's - there's simply groovy bass riffs, angsty vocal growls, and a stripped down drum kit. The bassist was even sporting a Bleach t-shirt. The small stage (if that's what you even wanted to call the area bands played in) restricted movement, but this was an issue for ALL bands playing at this venue. 
Next up was Scenic Route to Alaska. Hailing from Edmonton, AB, they too are a three-piece with the same simple set-up as The Love Junkies. This band was very chill; the vocalist even played without shoes, showing off a pair of faded royal blue socks decorated with large pot leaves. This band had a sound comparable to Mumford and Sons, minus the banjo. They have an indie rock sound with the warmth of country music and the pace of pop, even though they self-identify as "Prairie Rock." Scenic Route to Alaska had such chemistry; it all made sense when the vocalist said that he'd known the drummer since they were 10-years-old and the bassist since he was five.
Ivory Hours, a London, ON band, was the third act and yet another trio to perform. Their music has a good beat to it, like the kind that you could strut to whilst pretending you're on the catwalk. With an alt-pop/rock style, this band looked extremely focused and into the music the entire time. At one point the bassist was even closing his eyes and appeared to be in a meditative state. The band concluded their set with "I Won't," the first single off their new album Morning Light, a strong closing track.
Toronto five-piece Midday Swim took the stage next. They looked like typical cool dudes because they were all wearing tinted shades at the start of their performance. The vocalist's voice was smooth and masculine like leather, yet when he'd speak to the crowd, he had a soft tone. Midday Swim ended off their set by saying that they'll be hitting the studio this summer and for fans to expect new music soon.

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