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Canadian Music Week Preview: Sara's Top 5 Playlist

29 April 2015 / by Sara Cristiano (author)
Photo via The Lifers on Facebook (photo: Blair Tate Photography)
Photo via The Lifers on Facebook / (photo: Blair Tate Photography)

Sara Cristiano is a Ryerson media student who has been producing coverage of Canadian Music Week since 2014. Sara is excited to spend this year's CMW listening to new music and exploring the city. Musical duos, female lead singers, and saxophonists are her musical weaknesses. Sara loves anything that even vaguely resembles 80s synth pop, specifically Tears for Fears. Sara has also been known to listen to bands such as City and Colour, Keane, and Young the Giant. There is a very good chance that Sara will silently judge you if you admit to liking country music. 


 The Lifers is an acoustic act made up of two sisters from Guelph, Ontario, Liv and Anita Cazzola. Their harmonies are to-die-for and they each play pretty much every instrument known to man (accordion solo, anyone?), so make sure to check them out at The Cave on May 7th at 9 PM. 


What's that? You like folk music and rock music? Look no further than The Wild Romantics. Again, I'm a sucker for harmonization, and Aleisha Kalina and Evan Miller seem to know one another's voices just as well as their own. And coincidentally, they're playing right before The Lifers on May 7th at The Cave at 8 PM - it's the perfect double feature. 

I like my music with just the right amount of synth-y goodness, and I think that Kamloops' Van Damsel may have come up with the perfect formula - a pinch of synth plus a dash of rock equals greatness. Luckily I'll actually be able to make their show, so why not come join me on May 8th at 9 PM at The Cave? 

You don't understand how hard it was for me to pick just one of their songs to add to this playlist - The Soul Motivators are just that good. Ultimately I went with Razorblade, a completely instrumental tune that shows off the group's uncanny ability to take you back in time to when funk and disco were still played on the radio. Don't miss their show on May 9th at Supermarket at 10 PM. 

After listening to upbeat, driving, melodically complex music, sometimes you want something that's a little more stripped down as a bit of a palette cleanser. That's why the last song of the playlist is by Gianna Lauren, a singer-songwriter from Halifax who'll be playing at the Rivoli on May 9th at 7:15 PM. 

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