CMW Review: Good for Grapes

14 May 2014 / by Candice Ng (author)
Good for Grapes at CMW (photo: Candice Ng)
Good for Grapes at CMW / (photo: Candice Ng)

Folk band Good for Grapes finished off their first CMW experience by playing a set on Saturday afternoon at the Marriott Lounge bar. Despite the small crowd - many of whom were just enjoying a casual lunch - the band played with high energy and foot-stomped their way through the set.


Daniel McBurnie of Good For Grapes

Daniel McBurnie of Good For Grapes

The band was missing their cellist for the set. However, the instrumental was still tight and consistent. Heart pounding drums were accompanied by prominent folky guitar strums and melodic keyboard riffs. Lead singer Daniel McBurnie pulled out the harmonica on several tracks, including "Renminbi Tips". The band played other songs such as "Era's End" and "Little Carmichael". During the middle of their set, the rest of the band took a backseat as McBurnie and keyboardist Alexa Unwin sang and played a calming acoustic duet filled with well blended harmonies. As the set drew to a close, Good for Grapes played "Skipping Stone", a song brimming with bouncy bass lines and muted acoustic strums which led to a head-boppy good time. 

Good for Grapes at CMW

Good for Grapes at CMW

Overall, the band felt like seasoned performers who knew exactly how to entertain a crowd. Their songs reminded me of home (Unwin played the entire set without shoes on) and the performance itself felt like a warm blanket wrapping around me on a cold winter's day. Special shoutout goes to Unwin and guitarist Graham Gomez for looking like they were having the time of their lives. 

Good for Grapes' debut album Man on the Page is out now. Be sure to check them out!


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