09 May 2014 / by Candice Ng (author)
HIGHS performing at Toronto's Hard Luck Bar on May 7 during Canadian Music Week 2014. (photo: Candice Ng)
HIGHS performing at Toronto's Hard Luck Bar on May 7 during Canadian Music Week 2014. / (photo: Candice Ng)

Toronto-based band HIGHS performed at the Hard Luck Bar on May 7th for the second day of CMW.  Fans of the band quickly arrived at the venue just before their set, and the crowd gathered around the stage.

HIGHS began their set with "Cannibal Coast", their final track off their self-titled EP.  Straight away the band delivers a high energy performance, pumping the crowd for the rest of the set.  The band is especially brilliant during their interludes where each member plays their hearts out with their respective instruments.  HIGHS slows down the set with a spine-chilling performance of "Harvest" followed by "Fleshy Bones".  The band then plays a new song with a bass breakdown that encouraged the audience to clap along.  However, the most notable moment of the entire set was when keyboardist and female lead singer Karrie Douglas abandons her keyboard to take center stage for the final song.  Half-way through the song, Douglas, as well as male lead singer Doug Haynes took turns smashing (not literally) the extra snare drum on stage.  The energy levels took a turn for the extreme as HIGHS finishes their set off with a bang.


HIGHS is a reminiscence of summer.  The bright, warm guitar riffs are accompanied by afro drum rhythms, and are rounded out with well-balanced bass lines and keyboard chords.  The dynamic vocals from both lead singers pushes the performance into an incredible one.  The band members feed off each other's energy, as well as the audience's, making the show uniformly powerful throughout and ridiculously fun to watch.   If you catch yourself head-bobbing to the rhythm or jumping along to the interludes, then you're watching the show right.



Catch HIGHS again as they play Sneaky Dee's on Friday at 11pm, and the Dakota Tavern on Saturday at 11pm.  This is an upcoming band you do not want to miss.


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