CMW Review: The Dirty Nil and The Reason

09 May 2014 / by Margarita Brighton (author)
The Dirty Nil at CMW (photo: Margarita Brighton)
The Dirty Nil at CMW / (photo: Margarita Brighton)

The Reason and The Dirty Nil kicked off Canadian Music Week with a show at the Tattoo May 6. For these bands (both hailing from the city of Hamilton), it’s safe to say that their hometown would be proud. 

The Dirty Nil opened with "Nicotine" off of their February 2014 EP Smite. It was an electrifying set, capturing the audience’s attention with some loud, in-your-face music. Their show was infectiously high energy and always unapologetic rock and roll. They played a few new songs and ended their set with the mosh-pit pleasing "Little Metal Baby Fist" off of their 7” record of the same title.

Indie-rockers The Reason, played a rather intimate set for the crowd, sharing experiences like playing their first festival in their teens and sneaking into Thrush Hermit’s last show before they broke up. They even covered “The Day We Hit The East Coast”.

The show was high energy but with a good mix of banter to keep the audience entertained. The band also revealed a documentary they have been working on for the past few months now, more details in the upcoming months. Overall The Reason played a good comeback show for a band that hasn’t toured in nearly 10 years.

Missed their first show? The Dirty Nil play The Bovine Sex Club on Friday May 9 at 12:00AM.


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