Review: The C'mons @ Tattoo Rock Parlour, Feb 28

03 March 2014 / by Luke Williams (author)
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How do you celebrate five months of writing and recording your band’s second EP? The answer is simple; you get a local music media outfit and a few local bands together and throw a big party. This is exactly what The C’mons did Friday night at Tattoo Rock Parlor in support of their new, five-song EP, “Places.” The band members, who have been together since 2012, played an absolutely amazing set that featured a mix of new songs, old songs and covers. Front woman Steph Bosch was flawless vocally. Among the moments to remember in this show was a friend of the band who was on hand joining in on “Only Ghost” and providing a beautiful harmony along with Steph’s voice.

 Another moment that deserves a nod was bassist Jamie McDowell’s introduction to “Better and Kind,” in which he candidly revealed to the audience that the song was about his own break up with his ex-girlfriend; the sad result of a lack of communication. His message, however, didn’t end without a positive vibe: That “ex,” he went on to reveal, is now his wife and the mother of his young son.

If there is anything even the slightest bit negative I can say about this show, it is that the flow felt really scripted with respect to who was talking in between songs and how quickly the breaks seemed to transpire. There was very little conversation with the audience, which is one of the hallmarks of a great show; but it is perhaps understandable, given that the show was running about half an hour late due to club technical issues. If you haven’t yet heard The C’mons, give them a listen. This band is normally full of power and professionalism, and in my mind, have the ability to go places.

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