Diemens in the Rough: Interview

13 January 2014 / by Mohammed Yassin (author)
Diemens (photo: Aaron Schwab (
Diemens / (photo: Aaron Schwab (

Based out of Toronto, Diemens consists of college friends Mic Tee and JC Retlaw. Their modern, upbeat yet often thoughtful sound has caught the attention of industry producers such as A.M (Pharrell, Cool&Dre, Rick Ross) and Infamous (Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj). They released their most recent EP "Genesis" in September 2013 and are currently working on their next project while flying between their home studio in Waterloo, Ontario and world renowned studios in Miami, Florida.

Mohammad Yassin had a chance to catch up with Diemens in the studio and get an update on where they're at:


Diemens music included with permission. Bed tracks: Cosmic Analog Ensemble's "Positive Space" and "And Thereafter"

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