Monowhales Are Back with a New Single, 'Take it Back'

22 September 2017 / by David Matta (author)
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BANG! Monowhales are back with their new single and follow up to their 2016 EP BANG!, Take it Back. Their name is shorter, they have a wickedly sleek logo and they’re ready to take over Toronto’s music scene with bursting colourful rock.

The band has never appeared so sure of themselves as they do in the music video for Take it Back. I spoke with drummer Jordan Circosta about the bands name change, making the music video and the band’s new music:

David Matta:  What prompted the band to shorten the name from Ginger Ale and the Monowhales, to just Monowhales?

Jordan Circosta: There were a couple reasons. For one thing, we felt we had kind of grown out of the playfulness of the old name. When we first started playing together our music was a lot more tongue-in-cheek, but our sound has evolved quite a bit since then. Apart from that, we started noticing how small our name would be on show posters since graphic designers had to work so hard to shoehorn all those words in there. All in all we thought something a bit more sleek fit best with the stuff we're working on right now.

DM: How did you guys come up with the idea (breaking and squishing things) for the music video?

Jordan: We all really like watching satisfying videos on Instagram!  We've been sending slime and paint videos back and forth with each other for a while now, so when Sally suggested the idea of focusing the video on performance shots interspersed with "satisfying" clips we were all for it.  We tried to emulate some of the stuff we had already seen on Instagram and also tried to create a few of our own images that were unique and visually pleasing.

DM: What part of the video was the most fun to shoot? Which part is your favourite?

Jordan: The satisfying shots were definitely the most fun to shoot.  The performance was cool and all, but we had just finished mixing the song the night before, so I think the most sleep any of us had at that point was a solid three hours.  We had a great time playing with slime and popping balloons, but my personal favorite was lighting the match-heart on fire.  We unfortunately didn't get a shot of the whole thing going up in flames because it got so hot it almost burned the camera.

DM: Can we expect an LP or another EP anytime soon?

Jordan: An EP is in the works right now!  AL-P of MSTRKRFT is producing and we currently have two songs complete, and another four in the works.  If all goes well, we should be putting something out in the spring of 2018!




Monowhales are currently on tour with Featurette. Check out the tour dates and the Take it Back video below:

11/07 Waterloo, ON - Maxwell's

11/08 Hamilton, ON - Mills Hardware

11/09 St. Catharines ON - Warehouse

11/10 Peterborough, ON - The Red Dog

11/11 Ottawa, ON - 27 Club

11/17 Toronto, ON – The Rivoli

11/18 Oshawa, ON - Moustache Club






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