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NXNE 2017: Lost Cousins

23 June 2017 / by Nicole Di Donato (author)
Toronto psychedelic rock band Lost Cousins.  (photo: Lost Cousins)
Toronto psychedelic rock band Lost Cousins. / (photo: Lost Cousins)

Toronto psychedelic rock band Lost Cousins are performing at North by Northeast (NXNE) Port Lands on June 25.

Coming together as university students in Kingston, Ont., the band started off playing at house parties, where they became known for their energetic live shows and memorable songwriting.

Lost Cousins released a new single called "Quarters" on June 9. The hook-laiden track has dream-like synthesizers, great vocals and catchy lyrics. The song was produced by Nixon Boyd of Hollerado and was mastered by Noah Mintz who has worked on albums by Broken Social Scene, among others. 

The band, who usually performs at smaller venues and bars, is looking forward to taking on a bigger stage at NXNE. It'll be the band's largest festival since WayHome Music & Arts Festival, according to Lloyd McArton, who plays the guitar and saxophone.

Cam Duffin, who plays drums, says Lost Cousins' live shows have very dynamic shifts, adding that there are both highs and lows to their show in terms of the sound and the mood.

Duffin and McArton say they are stoked to be playing alongside Canadian indie rock band Yukon Blonde. 

Catch Lost Cousins' live set at NXNE Port Lands this Sunday at 2:50 p.m. on the Skyline stage.

CJRU radio host Nicole Di Donato sat down with Cam Duffin and Lloyd McArton of Lost Cousins to talk about their new single "Quarters" and their upcoming show at NXNE. Take a listen to the full interview below:  


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