Fringe 2016 Interview: Like a Generation

08 July 2016 / by Nicole Di Donato (author)
  (photo: Like A Generation )
/ (photo: Like A Generation )


Presented by Coyote Collective, Like A Generation is a 2016 Toronto Fringe show, which is being performed at the Tarragon Theatre Extraspace. After twenty years of children’s television, Mr. Flowers’ show is being cancelled. With the help of two lifelong fans, Mr. Flowers has one hour to prove that his message and teachings still matter. However, things go awry when childhood ideals and bitter reality collide. This coming of age story takes a critical look at the Millennial generation and what it is like to live in their world today. Like A Generation combines comedy and tragedy in a creative and effective way.

Starring in the show are Susannah Mackay, Eric Welch, and Blue Bigwood-Mallin. CJRU reporter Nicole Di Donato sat down with Blue Bigwood-Mallin who plays Mr.Flowers and is the director and writer of Like A Generation.

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