Fringe 2016 Interview - WEIRD: The Witches of Macbeth

08 July 2016 / by Nicole Di Donato (author)
WEIRD: The Witches of Macbeth (photo: Andrew Alexander)
WEIRD: The Witches of Macbeth / (photo: Andrew Alexander)

Presented by Theatre Arcturus, WEIRD blends original text and storytelling with aerial arts and stage combat, making it a compelling show that is not to be missed.

Taking place in war-torn Scotland, this show follows the three Weird Sisters who are caught between the bloody business of Macbeth’s tragedy and their own sibling rivalry. Through unique forms of storytelling, WEIRD allows the audience to immerse themselves in a circus-like performance in which the Witches climb, twist, and move through the air. The director and flight choreographer of the show is Philip Psutka. Playing the Weird Sisters are Lindsay Bellaire, Emily Hughes, and Sheelagh Daly. CJRU reporter Nicole Di Donato interviewed Phillip Psutka and Emily Hughes to discuss the show.

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