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NXNE Review: A-WA

29 June 2016 / by Nam-An Dinh (author)
A-WA (photo: Nam-An Dinh)
A-WA / (photo: Nam-An Dinh)

It's hot and sunny in Toronto as NXNE 2016 enters it's final day of the festival.  The neighbourhood outside the Mod Club is bustling and full of activity as Taste of Italy is in full swing.  Meanwhile inside the venue, a dance party is about to get underway.

The band takes the stage first, then shortly after, Tair, Liron, and Tagel stroll onto the stage, to the crowd's cheering and affection. Dressed in colourful traditional dresses and white converse hi-tops, the sisters greet the audience, then launch into their first song.  Right from the start, the intensity is high, and it's one big party.  The music is catchy, dancy, and downright infectious.  A-WA's keytarist (yes, they've got a keytarist!!!) knows how to get the crowd going.  Not only does he lay down funky melodies, he takes on the role of unofficial hypeman as well, calling on the audience to dance, jump, and make noise, and they oblige, happily.  

Midway through the show, the sisters opt for a change of pace.  Tagel takes centre stage, and the next song weaves a captivating ambience with Tagel's soft crooning.  Tair and Liron stand a few steps behind, swaying to the music, and as the song slowly crescendos, they too add their voices to the mix.  The show reaches it's peak as the sisters unite in harmony for the start of their lead single Habib Galbi, to overwhelming crowd reaction.  As the bands' beats join the sisters' voices, the dance floor is completely alive.  

The dance floor remains alive, even at the conclusion of A-WA's set, cheering and refusing to leave.  The sisters and the band return for the encore.  As they play their final few songs of the night, the audience is at A-WA's beck and call; the sisters and the band come to the front of the stage and lower themselves slowly, having the audience do the same.  At the beat drop, the crowd is back up and jumping to the music. 

As the show comes to its satisfying conclusion, the sisters thanks the audience, and they return the love in kind.  Afterwards, to the delight of the fans, security agreed to start funnelling people upstairs in small groups to take pictures with the group.  

Even though the show was over, their were still plenty of good vibes swirling around the building. 


To listen to Nam-An's interview with A-WA, please click here.


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