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NXNE: Niki's Top 5

17 June 2016 / by Niki Thayaaparan (author)
King Khan (photo: Sash Stamatovski)
King Khan / (photo: Sash Stamatovski)

King Khan and the Shrines ­

Montreal ­based singer King Khan is the leading man for a handful of bands, King Khan and the Shrines being one of them. With a rich brass intro and riffs that sound like a play on The Animals’ House of the Rising Sun, Darkness is a wistfully ominous ditty that echoes the sounds of the 60s blues ­rock scene. A must­ see live on June 16 at the Horseshoe Tavern if you want a modernized blast from the past.



Born Ruffians ­

Off of their fifth studio album, lead singer Mark graces the first half of the album with a beautiful Tremelo effect on his voice in Don’t Worry Now. These guys are notorious for pulling at your heartstrings, so beware of plenty of feels.



Acid Dad ­ 

This badass fivesome from New York put out bangers like Digger that sound like a punk crossover of Jane’s Addiction and The B­52’s. Scuzzy hypnotic vocals with bright guitar tones and powerful choruses will take you back to scrambling about dirty, raw venues in the mid 80s during the prime of post-­punk. Good thing the Great Hall is pretty spacious.



Cancer Bats ­  

I always like to think of these guys as the Canadian Motorhead, but with screaming vocals full of depth and tone. Toronto based (woo hoo!) and ready to tear down the house, Cancer Bats are the epitome of blood­-shedding guitar riffs and rippin’ vocals. Health warning: you may or may not experience the detachment of your head from head banging too hard at their NXNE show at the Bovine Sex Club on June 17, so… bang at your own risk.



Homeshake ­

The song title says it all. There’s something very sultry and almost bump­n­grind like, about Mac Demarco’s ex­-guitarist’s band, Homeshake. Still as lazy and lo-­fi sounding as Mac’s 2 and Salad Days, Homeshake manages to maintain that signature sound, but with funkier bass flares and more direct sentimentality. Don’t be afraid to get your freak on with these boys at the Horseshoe Tavern on June 18

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