CMW Review: Jellytoofly

13 May 2016 / by Paula Owusu (author)
Jellytoofly (photo: Paula Owusu)
Jellytoofly / (photo: Paula Owusu)

Torontonians celebrated the re-birth of female Canadian hip hop music with the eclectic performance by Jellytoofly at The Rivoli. She was the first performer and really set the tempo for the rest of the night. She performed most of the tracks from her latest release entitled Back Too Basics. Jelly represents the true art form of hip hop music. Beats with an all too familiar 90’s feel mixed with today’s catchy hooks and chill vibe.

Fans had their eyes locked on her every move. She used her charismatic, lyrical wit and stage presence to create an up close and personal experience, at times performing from within the crowd. There were no boundaries to her music that night. Prior to dropping the first track she informs the crowd “it’s been a long time since I’ve been on stage”-that wasn’t apparent at all. 

We got to experience the life of this young artist as she explained her love for her family, the challenges of the come-up as a lesbian rapper, making ends meet and holding down the crown as one of Toronto’s longest standing female MCs. It was truly refreshing to see her create such a positive atmosphere with her music that didn’t entail the objectifying of women. Instead the underlying message was to focus, be persistent in your craft and do the best at what you do. Her talent spoke for itself. Adding the element of a joint performance with DC Papa on the track “Come Get With It” took the show to a whole other level. As she put it the limelight isn’t for her only and artist should do more to work collaboratively within the city.



Jellytoofly is a force to be reckoned with. A lyricist in today’s hip hop music may not be the wave but like fashion the tides always change. Jellytoofly is the change agent with enough bars and lyrical content that she cannot go unnoticed. 


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