CMW 2016 Review: In Drift

12 May 2016 / by Jonathan Rodil (author)
In Drift (photo: Jonathan Rodil)
In Drift / (photo: Jonathan Rodil)

In Drift, a five-piece dream pop-rock outfit from Toronto hit the stage of the 300 Club and played an elevated, spaced out set of tunes. The music translated well live, which in fact, added an extra layer of urgency to their sound. As well, it had a sentimental feel but didn’t keep things at a standstill, a result of how adept the band was in captivating the audience that evening.

Lead vocalist Courtney Hutcheson exuded an insouciant nature on stage which may not necessarily reflect the somber and misty atmosphere of the music. She performed gleefully with a set of sliding footwork geared for a 60s-type dancefloor. For something serious and slightly melancholic, it sparked a sense of movement, a swaying of sorts, evident in the participation of the crowd. In Drift’s sound consisted of jangly guitars recalling a time where it appeared to be prevalent in the 80s with a hint of shoegaze mixed in. Their temperament was mournful in some respects but gathered a hopeful sensibility. The descending dark guitar twang and gracefully delivered vocals combined, made of a haunting combination. The bubbly, tight rhythms of In Drift managed to keep the crowd in a trance, evoking a wistful state of nostalgia.  It was a satisfying set from one of Toronto’s up and coming acts, another strong showcase of the talent within the city.


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