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CMW 2016 Review: Ginla

06 May 2016 / by Jonathan Rodil (author)
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The experimental electronic-rock unit of Ginla exudes a demure presence as their set begins, but peels back layers as it goes along, revealing an intensely focused synergy that persists throughout.  They immediately set the tone of a quiet electricity, a serenely mood-based backdrop. The trio is poised, technically sound, presenting sharp precision and accuracy through their thundering clashes of percussion, guitars and synths.  

The band has an accessible feel to their sound but isn’t exactly what you'd classify as pop. While there are pop sensibilities there's also an unconventional approach taken in the music; climatic builds leading to extended, grand instrumental sections and their updated take on psychedelia within their electronic-rock hybridized sound. The lead vocalist brings forth a celestial element, soaring above the organized chaotic dialogue of the instrumental sections. Change was ever present in their set whether it was through the fluctuating dynamics that appear to be effortlessly executed or the expansive sonic excursions, teetering through the boundaries of indie rock and electronic music. There was never a concrete form in the music, it was the free-flowing elements and experimentation in the pop realm.

Ginla’s performance was intentional in creating an atmosphere, a place where one is engulfed in the densely layered set of sounds in line with evoking a reflective response that was felt by those in attendance. It was a daze after Ginla’s set ended and everything collapsed back in place, the otherworldliness present in the venue had disappeared.


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