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Dylan Sinclair Shares New Debut EP 'Proverb'

25 September 2020 / by Demar Grant (author)
Cover to 'Proverb' Dylan Sinclair's debut EP (photo: Dylan Sinclair)
Cover to 'Proverb' Dylan Sinclair's debut EP / (photo: Dylan Sinclair)

When you have the clarity to make a change in your life, make it. Nearly one year since his last class at Ryerson University Toronto's Dylan Sinclair has finally dropped his debut EP Proverb, a gospel influenced R&B project packed with introspection. After only one term at Ryerson in 2019 Sinclair dropped out to dedicate his life to music and it seems like everything is coming up Milhouse.

In our exclusive interview Sinclair told us recent success has the likes of Sony, Columbia, Epic, and Atlantic Records knocking on his door but he’s hasn’t answered, yet. It's easy to see why he would though, with 75,000 monthly listeners (and growing), his “Home”/“Ask Me” two-pack garnering over 600,000 streams and multiple playlist placements in 2020 alone Sinclair is a rising star but he's here to tell his truth with proverb and that’s never truly resonates when someone else owns the music.

Check out Proverb below.


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