Jade Monet Shines at Canadian Music Week

13 May 2019 / by Komal Nawaz (author)
Jade Monet at YYZ (photo: Komal Nawaz)
Jade Monet at YYZ / (photo: Komal Nawaz)

Although Jade Monet's set was not very long, she was able to cover some big names as she sang while also performing some originals. The popular tunes that people recognized had them lock their eyes on what was happening by the arrivals area. As travellers walked over with their suitcases to stand by the stage, some sat down on chairs nearby to turn their heads towards the music.

As I watched, it was easy to tell that Monet has natural stage presence and is a very charming performer. As one little girl in particular caught her eye, she responded to her attention by saying “I like your bow!” as she smoothly dove into a cover of the hit "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

As soon as the backing instrumentals kicked in, Monet grooved to the song showing the audience that she was enjoying performing for them as much as they were enjoying watching her. Her upbeat song transitioned to Rihanna’s "Love on the Brain" and some people in the audience began to sing along with her. She ended the versatile set with one of her originals: "Lost in The Waves."


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