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TIFF 2018: The Hummingbird Project

14 September 2018 / by Phillip Wiseman (author)
The Hummingbird Project at TIFF (photo: The Hummingbird Project)
The Hummingbird Project at TIFF / (photo: The Hummingbird Project)

The Hummingbird Project made its world debut at TIFF this year. It is a story about trying to beat the stock market in what seems to be the most complicated way possible. Jesse Eisenberg plays a driven, well connected and smooth talking business man, who decides to build a tunnel straight from Kansas to New York. The tunnel has one purpose, to lay a fiber optic cable to achieve a 16 millisecond ping time. Yes, that is the premise, but oh boy, the film covers A LOT of ground (pun intended). It delivers a strong opening segment with gorgeous orchestrations and cinematography. It continues down a windy road of modern cinema moments. It doesn't stray too much in story, but it does seem to stray quite often from a consistent theme and style.

There were beautiful performances from most of the cast, with a standout performance from Alexander Skarsgård, who plays the paranoid, but brilliant sidekick. In the end, Canadian writer/director Kim Nguyen, made a decent film that fell a little flat, but it is mostly a fun and engaging watch.


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