Electric Island: Canada Day Recap

11 July 2018 / by Rahul Mannapperuma (author)
Electric Island: Canada Day Edition (photo: Rahul Mannaperuma)
Electric Island: Canada Day Edition / (photo: Rahul Mannaperuma)

This year’s Canada Day weekend was memorable for many reasons. Perhaps most noteworthy were the soaring temperatures that rivalled some of the hottest days we have had in recent memory. With the city posed for a big weekend and the weather pushed to its limits, this year’s Canada Day Electric Island show became THE place to be for Torontonians.

I was fortunate enough to cover the show at Centre Island this year and had a brilliant time. While I expected to be impressed by the bill of international Electronic artists scheduled for the day, what I walked away with was so much more. Throughout the day as I moved around Hanlan’s Point, I saw thousands of people come together to share an experience that led to some truly beautiful moments. Armed with my trusted camera, I share with you our coverage and share with you what made Electric Island 2018 very special.

The Venue

Hanlan’s Point is tucked away at one of the farthest points of Centre Island and has been a prominent venue for music festivals over the last decade. Electric Island has made itself at home there previously and the past experience and familiarity showed in how well they had organized the festival grounds.

From boarding the ferry to landing at Hanlan’s Point, festival-goers were directed and greeted warmly. The intake gates were clearly marked with plenty of staff and security to make the check-in process as efficient as possible. This was a much appreciated touch as the day was warm and the crowd would not have been too happy to be left outside in line for too long.

Once inside the showgrounds, visitors were met with a vibrant and diverse assortment of vendors and stalls creating a miniature village for the attendees. Most notable fixtures included a shaded misting tent where festival goers could refresh and recharge. Additional booths included an assortment of food and beer vendors.

Last but not least, the pièce de résistance of the venue was the main stage. The main stage was located at the top of the grounds and beckoned visitors into its midst. It was a considerably large stage that overlooked an opening that easily fit thousands and was surrounded by lush forestry that offered some welcome shade. This natural amphitheatre really did wonders to create an open yet intimate environment for the show and encouraged a lot of positive social interactions in the crowd. As dusk fell, the stage lighting rigs ramped up and turned the sheltered cove into a bright hub that continued to invite people in well into the night.

The Artists

A welcome and warm venue would not be complete without the soundtrack to keep people there throughout the day.  What made the artist bill for this specific Electric Island show special was the wonderful melting of sounds that came together. From Jackmaster’s explorative and rhythmic house anthems that could energize even the most lethargic of crowds, to The Martinez Brother’s vibrant tech house cuts and lastly to Anna’s pulsating techno masterclass that had the entire crowd moving all the way into the end, the progression of sounds at the show were curated to perfection.

The Crowd

A great venue with a curated soundtrack would not be complete without an audience to match it. This year’s Electric Island attendees were by far the best part of the overall experience. The crowd came out with an overwhelming attitude of positivity and openness which contributed a wonderful sense of community and friendliness throughout the day. All around the show, groups were mixing and mingling openly while also providing enough space for those who wished to dance. An important aspect of the crowd was its rich diversity across age groups, backgrounds and interests. I was fortunate to interact with and talk to many of the shows attendees while I covered the show and am very happy to have captured a bit of it.

Final Thoughts

In our pre-event coverage, we looked at why this year’s Canada Day Electric Island show would be ‘the place to be’ in the city. That recommendation rang true and exceeded our expectations as the show proved to be one of the most positive show experiences of the summer. Electric Island will be back again on August 11th and we look forward to seeing you out at Hanlan’s Point enjoying the good vibes and music!


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