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12 June 2018 / by Rahul Mannapperuma (author)
Goodbye Honolulu at CMW 2018 (photo: Graeme Thomson)
Goodbye Honolulu at CMW 2018 / (photo: Graeme Thomson)

NXNE is off and running in Toronto with Club Land shows taking place at a number of select venues and Festival Village taking over Yonge and Dundas Square this weekend. Here are some hot tracks to get you into the festival mood. 

Jazz Cartier - “GODFLOWER” [CA]


Two-years since Cartier’s breakout album Hotel Paranoia, Jazz’s newest single shows that he is still evolving his sound and can ride the wave of modern rap music just about as well as anyone. "GODFLOWER" is perhaps impressive for how familiar and refreshing it sounds at once. The instrumental and vibe of the track exudes a haze that is synonymous with the Toronto hip hop sound of late (The likes of NAV and SAFE could be seen giving this track some worthy remixes), while Jazz Cartier’s unique delivery and flow makes for an overall track that is uniquely his own. Cartier who is infamous for delivering some of the most chaotic live performances in the city is sure to dedicate a stage dive (or two!) to this track when he performs at NXNE this month.

Catch at Festival Village on Friday June 15.

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Crazy Bones - “LIFEBLOOD” [CA]


"Lifeblood" is the garage/psych rock anthem needed to kick off this summer. Crazy Bones generates a wall of sound that engulfs you before spinning you across the dance floor. There is no room to stand still, "Lifeblood" is packed with infectious grooves and head bobbing riffs from start to finish and to me, represents the chaotic fun that will be Toronto’s music landscape over the NXNE week(s). What is perhaps even more exciting is the bill Crazy Bones are playing on June 11! Their NXNE show also features Toronto heavy weights Mother Tongues and Wave of Terror...that’s going to be one sweaty show. Don’t miss it!

Catch at: Dan Burke presents at the Horseshoe - 8:45PM - Monday, June 11

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Hard to Kill - “PAPER CRANES” [CA]


Hard to Kill may very well be seen as the breakout act of this year’s NXNE. That sounds like a bold statement but the Toronto hip-hop duo arrive to the scene already marked by NOW Magazine as the festival’s ‘Ones to Watch’ title. The track “Paper Cranes” exhibits their style and aesthetic perfectly; a unique blend of contemporary hip hop meets forward facing electronic music to form a sound that is lush and vibrant. This colorful aesthetic sets Hard to Kill apart from many of their contemporaries in the city who have a very notable gritty edge or cloud-like haze to their sound. "Paper Cranes" should be on any significant city playlist.

Catch at: K-Os presents at the Garrison - Wednesday June 13 

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Goodbye Honolulu - “TYPICAL” [CA]


TYPICAL will satisfy any and all power pop/dream pop urges you may have. The song strikes dream pop gold from start to finish and exudes enough teenage angst to earn it a feature on the new season of 13 Reasons Why. "Typical" is off of Goodbye Honolulu’s 2017 release Honey and will undoubtedly make you ask yourself “WHY HAVEN’T I HEARD OF THEM BEFORE?!”. Well, you’re in luck! The guys are part of The Elwin’s NXNE curated show on June 14 and share the bill with the equally talented Merical. So grab your most nostalgic t-shirt and head down to The Dakota for a night of hazy dream pop goodness!

Catch at: The Elwins present at The Dakota Tavern - Thursday June 14

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Ryan Playground - “ALMOST DIED” [CA]


Secret Songs’ Ryan Playground is perhaps most well known for her electrifying and emotive live DJ shows but not many people know her for the Canadian darling she is when she straps on a guitar and sings her heart out. "Almost Died" is about a year old but like all great songs has aged brilliantly and if anything makes us wish RYAN sang more! You can catch her along with the extended Secret Songs family at their NXNE curated night at the Garrison this year. FEEL GOOD VIBES ONLY!

Catch at A Side x Secret Songs at the The Garrison - Friday June 15

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