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CMW 2018: Hinds + Goodbye Honolulu review

16 May 2018 / by Graeme Thomson (author)
Hinds at CMW 2018 (photo: Graeme Thomson)
Hinds at CMW 2018 / (photo: Graeme Thomson)

Canadian Music Week was ending, but you couldn’t tell by looking at the lively crowd. They danced, they sang, and one lucky girl even made it on stage (whether security liked it or not).

The crowd was growing well before the doors even opened, with a line filling the Horseshoe Tavern. The crowd was mixed: locals supporting Goodbye Honolulu and loyal fans travelling from as far as Edmonton for their chance to see Hinds.

Hinds consists of Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar) Ana Perotte (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums). The group is from Madrid, Spain, so they don’t come to Canada too often. When they do come, you have to capitalize.

Each band member skipped onto the stage with a gleeful grace that immediately caught your attention. The music was extremely palatable for any newcomer. The upbeat guitar and catchy harmonies had you wishing you could sing along.

What emphasized the enjoyment of the music was the band’s energetic dancing that matched. With smiles on their faces, Carlotta, Ana and Ade would dance in a way that seemed both choreographed and unplanned. The way in which the band played music with such love and enjoyment had the crowd grinning.

Carlotta spoke and captured everyone with her Spanish accent and natural charm. This charm could be seen even before the band hit the stage. Hinds were in the crowd for almost all of Goodbye Honolulu’s set. They were right in the middle of the crowd dancing like the rest of the fans, which really shows their special quality: honesty. The way they engage the crowd is honest, the way they perform is honest, and the way they make music is honest. Hinds doesn’t try to be perfect; they just try to be themselves.

Hinds was a part of CMW, but the show also marked the start of their US tour with Goodbye Honolulu as the opener. With the tour approaching, Goodbye Honolulu sounded synergistic. It was my second time seeing the band in three days, and they were even better than the last time. Each band member fed off of each other, which produced a genuine personality that shined. Their banter made it easy to tell that they’ve been friends for years. The way they joked and prodded each other on stage pulled you in and made you feel like you were part of an intimate jam session.

One of the most interesting aspects of the band is their versatility. Each member sings and writes music, which makes the listening experience captivating. Each songwriter’s character came out in the music which made the performance unpredictable, yet very appealing. You were never bored: always waiting to see where you would go next.

The peak of their charm was in their closing of the show. They ended with an endearing goodbye to the crowd. They sang and waved farewell with smiles on their faces, as they put the goodbye in Goodbye Honolulu.

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