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CMW 2018: Nam-An's Top 5

07 May 2018 / by Nam-An Dinh (author)
DATU (photo: CMW)
DATU / (photo: CMW)

Nam-An likes to think of himself as a collector and connoisseur of sounds. When’s he’s not smack dab in the middle of a mosh pit or dancing with strangers at a concert, you can find him at the back of a record store digging through stacks of vinyl, or scouring the net to deepen his "digital crates." He is open to all types of music, as long as it suits the mood. He’s spun everything from German industrial metal, to free form jazz. As long it fits his current vibe, it’ll be added to the library.


Toronto based, and absolutely dope. Blending Filipino traditional instruments, rhythms, and music, with contemporary hip-hop, RnB, and electronica, DATU seamlessly looks back at their roots while also setting their sights on the future with forward thinking and catchy tunes.  Highly community oriented as well, you can expect to catch any number of the city's talented Filipino artists making guest appearances during a DATU show.  Friday May 11 at Long Boat Hall.



Toronto's party scene is ever-changing and evolving, with small scenes sometimes growing at rapid rates.  Toronto's techno scene is one such example, E-Saggila is the solo project of Toronto producer Rita Mikhael, who co-runs Summer Isle Records.  Through E-Saggila, Mikhael puts her industrial spin on contemporary techno.  Friday May 11 in Lower Bay Station (Special TTC collab showcase)



Montreal has a thriving underground hip-hop scene, and navigating through this is rapper WASIU.  Steadily making waves in the scene, he brought together some of Montreal hip-hop's finest for his MTLiens 2 release. Thursday May 10 at Remix Lounge.


Un Blond

Montreal based producer and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet's solo project.  Lots of smooth contemporary RnB vibes meets meets funk, soul, and pop that landed him on last year's Polaris long list. Saturday May 12 at Monarch Tavern.


Moscow Apartment

Indie-folk up-and-comers and recent winners of a Canadian Folk Music Award (2017), you can expect to hear lots of solid songwriting mixed with loads of harmonies.  Tuesday May 8 at the Rivoli.


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