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26 July 2016 / by Jacky Harrison (author), Penny Clark (author)
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We've had an action-packed two weeks at Kids Radio Camp! 

Week 1
In the first week, our five campers learned to record, interview, edit, and perform.
They produced their own radio ads for products they invented like 'The Magic Toilet' (talks to you and shows you videos while you're in the bathroom so you don't get lonely) and 'Eye Pills' (they make your eyes better after being ingested in a very unusual way) and recorded a feature length play with their own spin on a Strange Dr. Weird production, which they called 'Ape Girl'. They created their own sound effects by smashing watermelons and slorping dog food out of the can, they interviewed CBC host Marcia Young, and they created unique sounds and rhythms in a workshop with Matthew Fava, Director of the Ontario Region at the Canadian Music Centre! 
The week ended with a live show called Kids Radio Hour, which showcased the content the campers created throughout the week and included live reports on pets, video games, horoscopes, jokes, gossip, and the weather.
Week 2
In the second week, we had two groups of 20 kids come to visit Radio Camp. The first group came for two days and the other group for just one day but we still managed to cram in tons of radio action! 
The first group wrote and recorded two original mini plays and their own feature reports about everything from sports to Pokemon Go to Taylor Swift and Kanye West. They interacted with music and rhythm in Matthew Fava's workshop, worked on developing a logo for their radio show with graphic designer Una Lee, and had the very special opportunity to interview the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, Irwin Elman, live on air with questions they came up with themselves! 
The second group wrote and recorded their own advertisments (this week's advertisements including a Justin Bieberbot, a water couch, and an ice cream sale the kids were putting on to raise money for a camp trip to Wonderland), conducted an interview with CBC Host Tom Harrington, and hosted a live music show! Listen here.
The first group hosted a live talk show at the end of the week, featuring all the recorded content both groups created throughout the week. Listen here.

We're really committed to representing young voices on the radio and we're looking forward to continuing with a Kids After School Radio Club in the fall. If you're interested in learning more about the After School club, email Jacky at

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