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Going Live With The New Canadian Life Radio Club

19 July 2016 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)
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On Thursday, July 14, the first ever group at the New Canadian Life radio club completed their six-week training, hosted by CJRU and CultureLink.

Since June, the group has been working hard on developing their radio production skills, and completed field recordings, interviews, radio diaries, a documentary, and even did a show live-to-air on CJRU!

On board with live show, Aurora, Jake, Iris and Wendy delivered superb, unique content that affects and speaks to Canadian newcomers. The group of Aurora, Jake, and Iris created a documentary on the issue of access to affordable, high-quality foods in Canada, similar to what they would find back home. The documentary explores food and cooking, and how it relates to culture and the daily lives of people around the world. Wendy took to the live show to discuss the issue of gaining Canadian work experience and finding a job as a newcomer in Canada, and gave tips for overcoming this immediate challenge. You can listen to the entire show and documentary segment below.

With a successful first series of workshops coming to an end, we are excited to continue the project. We’ll be running another set of workshops beginning in late July/early August. If you or someone you know is new to Canada and interested in learning how to tell their stories on the radio, contact us at!


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