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Meet CJRU's New Faces

28 October 2015 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)
toronto (photo: jacky tuinstra harrison)
toronto / (photo: jacky tuinstra harrison)


Nate Ramacciotti-Gurarie loves music and wants to do it for the rest of their life. Starting a co-op at The Scope is just the beginning. Whether it's planning a radio show, making music in their band Westboundlake, or gushing over posters of cute band members on their bedroom wall, Nate loves it all. They are always willing to listen to new music and will find you your new favourite band.

You can hear Naomi on CJRU's newest Canadian music showcase, New Leaf.

Mitchell Stark has been at the station for a five-month co-op. Mitch joined CJRU on a summer volunteer placement and decided to return to help around the office and proposed a new show focused on accessibility! Mitch is very outgoing, funny, happy and serious all at the same time!

Follow Mitch's adventures in advocacy on Access Files, a weekly talk show.



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