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Starting Up - A Media Works Documentary

06 March 2015 / by Arman Aghbali (author)
Ryerson's Digital Media Zone (photo: Mark Blinch)
Ryerson's Digital Media Zone / (photo: Mark Blinch)
Starting Up examines the world of early startups as they edge their way from obscurity to supremacy. The documentary follows Rachel Pautler and her team at Suncayr, alongside Sami Dalati and Anna Hu at Brizi, each with a unique idea and potential. Together they describe the life of a startup founder, including the long hours, the personal sacrifice and sheer dedication needed to be successful.
But the doc goes beyond startups and explores our cultural fascination with tech innovation and entrepreneurship. Experts explain why startups have become a sort of talisman for Canadian politicians, and how students came to clamour for entrepreneurial programs at universities. Plus how do we address an industry that lacks diversity and people willing to fund these early companies, the latter of which has led many a founder to move south of the border.
Starting Up finds the spot in between the startup lifestyle and why we want to have it.


This documentary on labour issues was brought to you by Media Works, a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. It was funded by CWA-Canada, an all-media labour union representing nearly 7000 members across Canada. Visit for more information



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