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Our Journey at The Scope at Ryerson

16 July 2014 / by Casey MacKay (author), Abdi Hassan (author)
Abdi and Casey - The Scope's Youth@Work Volunteers (photo: Larissa)
Abdi and Casey - The Scope's Youth@Work Volunteers / (photo: Larissa)

Youth@Work is a program run by Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital that prepares youth ages 15-21 for the workplace and includes other work-related experiences geared towards their interests. This program consists of mandatory workshops, a placement at Holland Bloorview, and also another placement in the community. In order to help participants be successful, Youth@Work provides job coaches and mentors to help the youth get comfortable in the workplace and also get ready to enter the world of employment. Youth@Work participants Casey and Abdi completed their work placement at The Scope.

Casey and Abdi’s Youth@Work journey began on July 2nd, 2014. They didn’t know each other prior to the program, but what they did know was that they had some of the same interests including broadcasting and journalism. 

Casey and Abdi have shown their passion for broadcasting; that they have voices that deserve to be heard. It was not long before Casey and Abdi knew that they had to express their feelings and advocate for themselves in order to be as successful as possible. Because many people with disabilities don't really speak up for themselves, Casey and Abdi want to tell people with disabilities it's okay to have a disability and that doesn't mean you can't do anything you set your mind to. Also try to stay positive no matter what and to live your life with happiness.

At The Scope, Casey and Abdi didn't really know what to expect, also, how they were going to handle a different working environment. When Casey and Abdi were given tasks to finish, they had a positive attitude and were determined to complete and hand in their assignments on time. Casey and Abdi gave each other feedback on their workplace assignments, they also received feedback from their supervisors. Their assignments have included a blog post for the Holland Bloorview website and writing and recording a public service announcement for the radio station. Overall Casey and Abdi have done very well in both of their work placements.

Casey and Abdi have shown that they can work well together and show their independence in the workplace. It's weird that two weeks have come and gone; it feels like it went by so fast! It’s going to be really sad to leave but Casey and Abdi will continue to work on their goals to become broadcasters. Casey and Abdi would love to thank The Scope for their generosity and support.

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Casey MacKay


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Abdi Hassan

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