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29 November 2013 / by Elissa Matthews (author)
Record spines. From flickr: (photo: Dan Machold)
Record spines. From flickr: / (photo: Dan Machold)

The Scope and its volunteer programmers aim to create exciting and interesting radio programming and that often means incorporating music. We're huge fans of the Ontario Independent Music Archive and often find amazing stuff there.


Here's some of the great (and mostly local) music that The Scope has used in recent PSAs, station IDs, news stories and more:

Song Credit


Slave to the Squarewave's "Taxi Edward Burtynsky Ryecast Lecture
Amélie Lefebvre's "Je t'attends" Little Brother 3 Launch Party 
Charlotte Hebert's "Temps du nuit" Literature of the Self Panel
Kevin MacLeod's "Sidewalk Shade - Slower",  Smash Wrestling Interview
"Feelin Good" and "Sock Hop"  
Cosmic Analog Ensemble's "Positive Space" and Diemens Interview
"And Thereafter"  
Vpopolam's "Track 6"  Farmers Market PSA




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Elissa Matthews

Program Director at CJRU 1280AM

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