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CJRU Sunday: Yvette Sin - Video & Community Coordinator

11 October 2020 / by Amanda Noor (author)
Yvette Sin staring in to the distance (photo: Calvin Leung)
Yvette Sin staring in to the distance / (photo: Calvin Leung)

 There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes at CJRU in order to make local radio and one of those crucial roles in making it all happen is the video and community coordinator. Today, we had the chance to interview CJRU’s video and community coordinator, Yvette Sin.

Sin is a third year Media Production student at Ryerson University and after growing up in the “very exotic suburbs of Richmond Hill”, she now lives in Toronto with all her plants. Aside from CJRU, she enjoys doing graphic design and videography. She adds, “I also love to write, drink too much coffee, and visit different garden centres in the city.” We asked her a couple of questions regarding her experience at CJRU, her journey to get where she is today and tips for those interested in radio.

CJRU: What do you do in your position as a video and community coordinator?

Yvette Sin: After a year of being a Production Coordinator, I'm currently the Video and Community Coordinator! I help out with the production of a variety of our programs in terms of audio editing, videography, graphic design, and coordination. I am also the lead producer of The Scene, a series of themed features from the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, I've been coordinating workshops for our volunteers to help them build up their radio skills.

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CJRU: When did you join CJRU 1280 AM and what made you join the team?

Sin: I joined CJRU last September. After hearing about the station during my first year at Ryerson, I really wanted to get involved because of the heavy community engagement and creative opportunities!

CJRU: Where did your passion for local radio originate?

Sin: I always loved community radio because of how open it is to new people and new ideas. You can tell stories that wouldn't normally get past the pitching stage in larger media platforms. Every idea has equal merit!

CJRU: What's your favourite part about working at the local station?

Sin: My favourite part about working at CJRU is definitely the people. Literally everyone here is so cool and passionate about the station, just being around them inspires me. The environment of collaboration and creativity at the station is so unique and wonderful. Also, sometimes we have dogs!

CJRU: What are your hopes and dreams after you leave CJRU 1280 AM?

Sin: After leaving CJRU, I hope to continue to work in the media industry, whether it's through directing, writing, or editing. Being at the station has really opened my eyes to how wonderful local creative communities are, so I also hope to seek out more opportunities to be a part of the creative community around me.

CJRU: What tips do you have for incoming volunteers and future radio producers and hosts?

Sin: Take advantage of the station's resources! Being at CJRU opens so many doors and options for collaboration - it's almost like an incubator for creativity. There are so many ways to connect with the industry and the community through our station! I would encourage incoming volunteers to be ambitious with their creative ideas because they can absolutely be achieved here at CJRU!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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