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Track of the Week: Heartstreets - Lucky Charm

11 February 2020 / by Graeme Thomson (author)
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Heartstreets - "Lucky Charm"

Are you someone who needs music to be productive? I know I am. The problem is, if the song is too energetic I can’t focus, turning production into procrastination. I always have trouble finding the right music, but lately I’ve found I’m the most productive when listening to lo-fi beats; the Track of the Week fits this description perfectly.  “Lucky Charm”, has the chill beats that’ll keep your head bobbing to the beat while actually getting your work done. 

The song comes from Gab Godon and Emma Beko, childhood friends that form the group, Heartstreets. Their bond was built like any good friendship, through the love of music, specifically, 90’s hip-hop and R&B. You can hear the influence through the entire song; the beats, the entwinement of vocals and rapping, and my personal favourite, the horns. As the song loses steam it seems as if it’s coming to a close, but then the saxophone jumps in and carries it through to the end. 

“Lucky Charm” is impressively polished and well-produced , especially considering it comes off of Heartstreets first full-length album. It’s a song that’ll make you want more, so it’s a good thing their career is just starting.  

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