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Fall Opportunities at CJRU

24 September 2019 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)
Fall Opportunities (photo: )
Fall Opportunities

CJRU is looking for volunteers to help out on some great projects this fall! We'll be launching a new video series and will need all hands on deck for that. As well, we're looking for reporters, hosts and producers to fill out our news team. Take a look at available positions below or download the PDF (attached)!


Please see the following postings for available positions at CJRU 1280AM. Information for who to contact regarding each opportunity is at the end of each post. If you are interested in being involved at the station in other ways, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Aidan about upcoming training sessions -


Visit our SoundCloud to hear past episodes of our Spoken Word programming and MixCloud for past music shows.

Live Music Video Team

Videographer - (several  positions available) 

  • Assist with capturing video footage of live music performances and interviews 

  • Work alongside video director(s), Live Music Director and Program Director to achieve artistic and technical look of projects

  • Work alongside video editor(s) to efficiently organize and store video footage


Video Editor - (several positions available)

  • Work alongside video director(s), Live Music Director and Program Director to edit live music video footage and create high quality video packages that capture the essence of each live music performance for music artists and Radio Ryerson socials

  • Prepare and create engaging video material for various Radio Ryerson social media platforms

Video Director - (2 positions available)

  • Work alongside Live Music Director and Program Director to direct, guide and oversee videographers to capture a series of live music performances

  • Work alongside Live Music Director and Program Director to create specific aesthetics for each live music video


Contact: Xolisa Jerome - Live Music Director -



CJRU 30 + CJRU Mix

CJRU 30 is our weekday charting show that highlights the most played new music at our station. Explore some truly weird and wonderful independent music selections and add your own flare to our lunchtime program. This show is a great way to get comfortable hosting a show while learning  about emerging artists. CJRU Mix follows a similar format but can be hosted in the afternoons and evenings. 


HOST - CJRU 30 (3 positions available)

  • Prepare and host the lunchtime chart show (show clock and sample script provided)

  • Commitment: 1 hour live weekdays 12pm-1pm + prep time (2+ hours)


HOST - CJRU Mix (several positions available)

  • Prepare and host the afternoon music mix  (show clock and sample script provided)

  • Commitment: 1 hour live weekdays + prep time (2+ hours)


Contact: Elissa Matthews - Program Director -



The Scope News

The Scope News is an award-winning weekly magazine news show, featuring longer in-depth interviews and reports on issues that affect the Toronto community. The show is produced by three smaller teams - each team rotates to produce the show once every three weeks. 


ASSIGNMENT EDITOR - THE SCOPE NEWS (3 position available)

  • Coordinate a team of reporters and hosts to produce a 30-minute news program focussing on the Toronto community. 

  • Each assignment editor is responsible for producing the show once every three weeks. 

  • Assign stories to reporters and hosts, enforce deadlines, help script the show.

  • Most work can be done remotely, on flexible schedule. 


STUDIO TECH - THE SCOPE NEWS (3 positions available)

  • Help produce a live radio news show once every three weeks. 

  • Ensure excellent sound quality and levels, execute production cues according to a script, post-produce the show and upload it online. (Training for all this will be provided - previous live production experience not required.) 

  • Must be available to come into the studio Mondays from 5:00pm - 6:00pm.


REPORTER - THE SCOPE NEWS (multiple positions available)

  • Accept story assignments from editors, and regularly pitch your own story ideas. 

  • Produce at least ONE interview/piece every THREE weeks. 

  • Produce pre-recorded radio interviews/features from start to finish, including producing in-studio interviews, editing audio, scripting and recording intros and voiceovers. 



  • Produce digital content based on our weekly news show for sharing on CJRU's social media channels. 

  • Make a short weekly blog post for The Scope News.

  • May include editing audio clips, producing video, digital media strategizing, and bringing your own creative ideas to the table. 


Contact: Katie Swyers - News Director -



Morning Mixtape + Morning Mixtape News

Morning Mixtape is our weekday morning show running from 9AM-11AM Monday to Friday. The show includes a mix of interviews, news and music blocks of eclectic international tunes. Each episode starts with a headline newscast at 9:00AM.


NEWSCASTER - MORNING MIXTAPE NEWS (2 positions available)

  • Script and host a 10-minute morning newscast once per week, featuring Toronto and Ryerson headlines, weather, sports, and more.

  • Broadcast the newscast live at 9:00AM. 


INTERVIEWER - MORNING MIXTAPE (multiple positions available)

  • With support from station staff chase and produce an interview with a musical artist, local artist or community organizer. 

  • Commitment: 1+ interview a month


MUSIC CURATOR - MORNING MIXTAPE (multiple positions available)

  • Curate a selection of international tracks and record some scripting around your set.

  • Commitment: 1+ music block a month


Contact: Elissa Matthews - Program Director -




FemRadio is an award-winning weekly show and podcast talking about gender and feminist issues affecting the Toronto community, and featuring interviews with rad Toronto women and gender non-conforming folks. We aim to be a sandbox for women to get radio broadcast experience and on-air skills, with the goal of getting more women's voices on the radio.


HOSTS/CONTRIBUTORS - FEMRADIO (several positions available)


  • Produce feature interviews on topics related to gender and intersectional feminism, with a focus on voices of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour), folks with disabilities, LGBTQ and gender non-conforming folks. 

  • Be a guest host on the show. FemRadio has a rotating third host chair open to first-time or new hosts. 


Contact: Sofia Vavaroutsos - FemRadio Coordinator -



Movie Mixtape

Movie Mixtape is our weekly look at cinema playing and being made in Toronto. We cover the local film scene with a focus on independent film and the voices that aren’t being covered as much in mainstream film coverage. 


REVIEWER - FILM PROGRAMMING (several positions available)

  • Watch and review independent cinema before it hits the theatre

  • Record and edit at 2-5 minute review for our Friday broadcast

  • Flexible schedule - may need to plan around press screenings

  • Commitment: minimum one audio review per month


INTERVIEWER - FILM PROGRAMMING (several positions available)

  • Working with the program director book interviews with filmmakers and programmers

  • Conduct and edit interviews for broadcast

  • Commitment: minimum one interview per month


HOST - FILM PROGRAMMING (1 position available)

  • Introduce reviews and interviews provided by members of the film team and pair them with related music

  • Work with the Program Director to create and maintain the show’s editorial calendar

  • You’d of course be welcome to add your own reviews to the mix!

  • Commitment: 20-50 minute show every week + prep time (2+ hours)


Contact: Elissa Matthews - Program Director -



All My Books

All My Books airs weekly on CJRU 1280AM and profiles local authors. 


LITERARY REPORTER - ALL MY BOOKS (1 position available) 

  • Interview two authors a month & record live readings 

  • Some audio editing optional 

  • Assist with social media posts

  • Update literary publicist lists and coordinator advance reading copies of books


Contact: Jacky Harrison - Station Manager -


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