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Ryerson Student Reimagines Speaker’s Corner Booth with Campus Radio Station

11 January 2019 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)


Ryerson University New Media student Tristan Sauer, has recreated Toronto’s iconic Queen Street Speaker’s Corner, in partnership with CJRU 1280AM and the Eyeopener. The original Speaker’s Corner inspired Sauer’s recreation because of its unique ability to bring the local community together. Speaker’s Corner was formerly known as a place for locals to record gripes about city hall, passionate monologues, and even marriage proposals. On January 14th, Ryerson’s adapted version of Speaker’s Corner will launch inside Ryerson’s Student Campus Center.

Sauer is excited for students to have an honest say about what they’re feeling while on Ryerson’s campus.

“My favourite part of working on this was getting to rediscover old technology as if it was new, living out nostalgia for an object I’m too young to ever remember. I am most excited to see how and what the student population decided to disclose to use behind closed phone booth doors.”

Similar to the original Speaker’s Corner, the renewed Speaker’s Corner will record students through adapted rotary telephones. The video below shows how Sauer managed to put the recording system together.

“I’m excited to hear what people want to say. I think the coolest part is being able to use retro tools that no one really sees anymore to create something new. We’ve never done a digital audio installation like this!” says CJRU manager, Jacky Tuinstra Harrison.

“This type of installation is exactly what Ryerson’s campus needs. Ryerson’s Speaker’s Corner is a place where the community can come together and unify our diverse set of voices. It’s exactly what The Eyeopener and CJRU are all about.” says Liane McClarty, General Manager of The Eyeopener

Stop by Ryerson’s new Speaker’s Corner on January 14th to January 18th at the Student Campus Center, 55 Gould Street. Prizes and treats will be given out to students who record and help spread the word.

Content from the recordings will air exclusively on CJRU 1280AM and printed in the student newspaper, The Eyeopener. If you want to hear what Ryerson Students record, tune into Morning Mixtape on CJRU 1280AM from 9am to 11am, Monday to Friday. Or check out the Eyeopener website -





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