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CJRU's Winter Wonder-Realm: LAL, OBUXUM, Ziibiwan + Astro Mega

06 November 2017 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)
Winter Wonder-Realm Poster (photo: Jakob Rehlinger)
Winter Wonder-Realm Poster / (photo: Jakob Rehlinger)

On Saturday December 9 embrace the weirdness of the winter, and come party with CJRU 1280AM to support community radio!

Curated by The Night Shift's Luca Capone aka Curly Costinha, it will be a night anchored by astonishingly imaginative local musicians, featuring: 



Ziibiwan ᓯᐱᐘᐣ 

Astro Mega

Plus, the underground radio icon from the upside-down, DJ KathyBates, will be manning the decks between sets!

This event represents an extension of our fall fund drive, as we raise money to keep CJRU growing by supporting diverse local voices through honorariums for live performers, student music projects, accessible studios, new equipment and more.

Tickets are $8 in advance and at the door.

What is there left to say about this legendary group? Nourished by throbbing techno, lush dub, Bengali Folk, future jazz, and spine-tingling trip hop in the basement of a lost record store, with each album, Rosina Kazi and Nicolas Murray release a timeless soundtrack onto the masses, connecting and championing different communities across the world. 

The recent release of the H.E.R EP, the final chapter of THE M3TAPHOR is complete. What next, you ask? A galaxy trembles in anticipation for her next move, though never fear, as OBUXUM is constantly concocting boombastic beats both epiphanic & immortal, channeling Augustus Pablo, Flying Lotus and Exile. The answer is in her music, so be sure you Hear Every Rhythm...

Under a full-moon, if you find yourself underneath the stars, where all elements meet at a crossroads, you will not encounter the Devil, but instead, a living soundscape emitting a sonic aura reminiscent of Johnny Greenwood, Tim Hecker & DJ Krush. This soundscape could only be created by one cosmic entity: the Grandmaster of avant-garde, ethereal boom-bap, The Nimkii Witch aka Ziibiwan!! 

Astro Mega
The fact that the instrumental hip-hop detective known as Astro Mega is able to create his latest masterpiece, (Planet Nebula) despite a questionable allegiance to a certain football club is already a testament to his music genius. Through his meta-human meditative ability to tap into the supernatural psychological state known as the 'jazzvision', which grants him the power to conjure hypnotic minimalist-house/lo-fi soul grooves, Mega the beat-konducta is always able to solve any mystery that crosses his path.


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