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Ryerson's Week of Welcome

28 August 2017 / by CJRU 1280AM (author)
Week of Welcome  (photo: )
Week of Welcome

The Week of Welcome is an exciting time at Ryerson University. The campus is filled with new and returning students getting ready to kick off a new year.

At CJRU, we are so excited to participate in this year’s Week of Welcome, and to share what we will be doing with the Ryerson community. We’ll be tabling all week and running a scavenger hunt with some incredible prizes, including t-shirts, vinyl records, and tickets to a Game of Thrones event.

Scavenger hunt rules:

Stop 1 - Your adventure begins at the Radio Ryerson table. Take a picture of our program grid. If there is no table proceed to our second floor studio to find the grid there. 

Stop 2 - Your next clue waits you in the loo. Look for one of our new ads in a washroom near you and download our app to get your free prize code. 

Stop 3 - Ryerson may be in the city but it does not mean you can't still relax at the beach. Take a picture of yourself in a beanbag chair to complete your quest. 

When you find all three clues tweet @CJRU1280 or bring the photos to our station and you'll be entered in the grand prize for a student gift basket with $100 in gift cards and prizes. Collect your free gift at Suite 201 SCC. Good luck! 

Where you can find us:
Monday, August 28 (12PM-5PM) - RESS Orientation (Quad by KHE)
Tuesday, August 29 (10AM-1PM) - SCC (55 Gould)
Wednesday, August 30 (10AM-3PM) - Alumni Lounge & Concourse (MAC)
Thursday, August 31 (10AM-11:30AM) - POD 250
Friday, September 1 (10AM-1PM) - SCC (55 Gould)
September 5-8 (10AM-1PM) - SCC (55 Gould)
So come find us to participate, and to chat about how YOU can be a part of Ryerson’s campus radio station!
Don't forget to download our app Radio Ryerson and listen to win here:
For iPhone, you can go to to download directly. 

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