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Meet CJRU's latest intern, Sanjeev!

10 August 2017 / by Sanjeev Wignarajah (author)
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It’s been three months since I’ve been interning at CJRU. I was curious to see what goes on in a radio station since I’ve been listening to CBC Radio since my journalism school days and had taken a course on radio news. It began with training where I learned about using Audacity to edit audio. Not only that, I learned about logging shows to catalogue episodes onto AirTime and I have produced a couple of episodes of The Scope News. Producing means that I put together the show by assembling a playlist of newscasts, following the scripts, and editing the newscast and uploading it onto AirTime. I’ve also been familiar with the soundboard as I was producing, recording, and being on air. When I’m not doing radio related stuff, I did some office work where I digitized volunteer forms. Also, I’ve written up staff bios for the site. Overall, it was an amazing experience learning all things radio, such as how to pitch a radio show, CanCon, and all things music.

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Sanjeev Wignarajah

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