The Scope News: September 21, 2015

This week we bring you stories about crises, choices, and one the the most unusual museums you'll ever find.

  1. Using Art to Start a Conversation about Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
    It can be hard to start a conversation on an unpleasant subject, but there are some things that can get us talking- a story in the news, a photograph, or a piece of art. Tracey-Mae Chambers is hoping to start a conversation about missing and murdered women with her new art exhibit Mine is but a tear in a river.
  2. Chambers created 1,181 photographs- one for each missing or murdered aboriginal woman in Canada- featuring clothing and bodies with blood on them, placed as if they have just been left at a crime scene. The exhibit is a striking visual depiction of the sheer number of missing and murdered women, and Chambers hopes it will get more people talking about the issue- and taking action.
  3. 1181 photos..and counting..unless we can stop this tide of violence.
One for every missing/murdered Aboriginal women
    1181 photos..and counting..unless we can stop this tide of violence. One for every missing/murdered Aboriginal women
  4. Mine is but a tear in a river is currently on display at OCAD University’s Great Hall.
  5. Last Wish
    In February of this year, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Canadians have the right to physician assisted death. In some circles it was hailed as a victory for those who are terminally ill and wish to end their suffering on their own terms. For others it was a worrying breach of moral guidelines, and one that could put doctors in an uncomfortable position. It has always been a contentious topic that people don’t want to talk about, but Ilanna Mandel and Ryerson graduate Leah Rifkin want us to break our silence.
  6. They are the team behind the short film “A Last Wish”, which is expected to start production this winter. The film follows the journey of a woman whose terminally ill father asks her to help him “die with dignity”. The film is inspired by the Mandel’s experience with her own father, who made the same request of her.

    Mandel and Rifkin are clear that their intention isn’t to tell people what to think, but rather to get people thinking in the first place, and turn their thoughts into words.

    A Last Wish is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for preproduction funding, and is scheduled to be released early next year.
  7. The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum
  8. Gopher Lutherans
    Gopher Lutherans
  9. Image: Colin Smith via Flickr (CC 2.0)
  10. In the town of Torrington, Alberta there is a museum like no other: The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum. The museum is full of dioramas of stuffed gophers posed in different situations. Filmmakers Douglas Nayler and Chelsea McMullan discovered the museum on a road trip and ended up making the short documentary The World Famous Gopher Hole Museum which premieres at TIFF. Naylor talked to Scope reporter Lauren Malyk about making the film.